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Production Feedback

We believe each project is unique and deserves special attention. That’s why we provide tailored and individual support to set up the in-game economy, enhance UX & UI, resolve technical issues and integrating necessary analytical, social and marketing SDKs.

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Proprietary Analytics Tool

We have developed our own analytics platform to assist our partners Thanks to our state of the art platform, we can combine game data to our acqusition channels and monitor closely whole user journey. Based on players’ behaviour, all product and marketing decisions are powered by this powerful analytics tool.

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Thanks to our Product experts, we help our partners to experience smooth soft launch process by structuring A/B testing while monitoring game data using our proprietary analytics tool. We also implement optimum hybrid monetization model tailored for each game depending on the need.

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Global Distribution

Our Growth experts amplify global releases and updates with data-driven insights, localization expertise, top-notch promotional assets. Having well-established, long term partnership with platform holders and ad networks, we ensure the optimum distribution.

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Our In-house live ops team help you to increase profitability of the game while creating a long lasting relationship with players. We provide our partners designated team of product managers to create promotion and offer structures, design & implement event calendars to increase engagement of users. On top of these, our community and customer support team manage the incoming streams of player feedback to provide insights for future improvement opportunities.

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Funpac Publishing


We are the Mobile Game Publishing division of Mynet that works with mobile developers of all sizes to publish, market, and grow their businesses.
Mynet, as the oldest and one of the largest internet companies in Turkey, is also the most prominent online gaming company in the region with a 40M+ userbase.